The world of Sasai is a dark place, the lands, although frequently at peach always has a very dark undercurrent. Several millennia ago, before the great cosmic war was fought among the gods realms with the eventual fall of The Great Devourer, the world was ruled by great demigods, known as Titans. The Titans, sought to enslave the outer realms and eventually control the multiverse. But as fate would have it seven mighty heroes rose and imprisoned the Titans in a cage and buried them in the underworld for the rest of eternity. Now, rumors have begun to stir that something has found the Titans and is planning on freeing them.

Life if Sasai is like most planes and lands, life goes on without much excitement, the threat of a demon is higher than you might find on another plane, but most have come to accept that demons and devils are simply another creation in the infinite multiverse and simply hope to never run into one. Because of the Titans reign in Sasai the Creation Winds the magical energy that created the rudimentary earth is a very fickle thing, many adapts attempt to wield it to their own gains but few can wield the maelstrom without unexpected side effects happening.

Recently however, the dead have begun returning to life shortly after they die as if they’re spirit is trapped on this plane or as if there is no one to ferry the souls to the other side. It has become a growing concern among the various religions, as each of them attempts to blame the other for the ever-increasing plague that is ravaging Sasai.

Order of the Nine Divine

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